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Jo Ann Poole, Broker Associate

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Consider this metaphor: a single flower is a thing of beauty. An entire field of blossoms is a splendid spectacle. So it is in life or in business. One individual can accomplish only so much, but when you get a group of people united behind a common goal, the results can be powerful. Local businesswoman Jo Ann Poole understands. When she goes to work helping her clients, she not only strives to get in perfect alignment with their goals, she also brings together a team of experts who unite with her to accomplish the goals at hand. With everyone pooling their resources and staying focused in the same direction, Jo Ann knows the results will be spectacular.

The Power of Community

This synergistic outlook on life carries over into her approach to community. She understands that when people band together for a good cause, a lot can be accomplished. Her drive to give of her time and her compassion can be seen in her contributions just to the American Cancer Society (ACS) alone. After losing her parents and their siblings to cancer, Jo Ann’s dedication grew. Through such events as Relay for Life, Daffodil Days and even donations from her own cookbook—where all proceeds went to ACS—she has supported the cause wholeheartedly.

While her daughter, Dawn, was growing up, Jo Ann was a member of the PTA and ORT, and she still gives to the Boys’ and Girls’ Club. When she can, she attended charitable events and fundraisers because she has always done her part to help the needy, hungry and homeless. Jo Ann can see how her efforts are compounded by other like-minded individuals coming together and pooling their energies.

Family Time

Family is the ultimate team effort, and anyone who knows Jo Ann will tell you family is a big part of her life. Especially dear to her are her two grandchildren, A.J. and Kyra. She wants to carry on her legacy with them and pass down the values instilled in her by her own mother, including strength, conviction in your beliefs, living with integrity and living every moment to the fullest. Even down to her elderly kitty cats, Jo Ann attended to their daily needs with tender loving care.

When Jo Ann isn’t working hard to make her community a better place, spending time with her precious grandchildren, watching Kyra dance or A.J play baseball, or helping a client with their real estate investments, this dynamic individual can often be found behind the lens of a camera. Her favorite photographs include a collection of flower and garden shots. She is very connected to nature and it reflects in her creative eye. She is a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and football and baseball are at the top of her list of favorite spectator sports.

Making Amazing Things Happen

Jo Ann knows that great things often begin with the work of one person, but it usually takes a collaborative effort to make amazing things happen. Nowhere is this more evident than in her career as a leading real estate professional in such areas as East Ventura County, including Simi Valley, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, Moorpark, and the San Fernando Valley. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Jo Ann is well versed in all aspects of home buying and selling. She is a strong negotiator and marketing expert, honed from her years in the corporate environment.

She is thorough and offers knowledgeable guidance to ensure you make the wisest decisions for your circumstances. She is skilled in all phases of the process and knows that when people share one goal and they come together as a team, the power of the endeavor is unstoppable. It’s clear from the moment you meet Jo Ann, she takes this determined approach to every aspect of her business.

Poole Your Efforts!

When you work with Jo Ann on the purchase or sale of your home, you can expect her to listen carefully to your requirements and provide a personalized higher standard of quality service. She will be there for you at every phase of the process and always presents every option available to you. And by pooling her resources with her excellent support team, she can remain focused on the big picture and keep your move on the right course toward success. When you "Poole Your Efforts" with Jo Ann, you’re guaranteed to achieve your goals.

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